5.6GHz atV - TX Beacon

5.6ghz tx beacon

For testing purposes a TX beacon was built that could be used for testing the RX station, proving alignment and a host of other things.

The beacon is simply a TX unit (5.8GHz 600mW 32 Channels Mini Wireless 2dbm A/V Transmitter Video TX - as used for the main transmitter of my ATV system), again with heat sink glues to the back to help dissipate some heat. Housed in a plastic project box, with an on/off switch (with LED to show power / TX is on) and fed from an 12v battery source.

I use a smaller 7ah battery (as appose to a larger 26 ah battery used for the main ATV syatem) as there's very little consumption from the devices and the 7ah battery is physically smaller.

Antenna wise, I use a log periodic printed circuit board antenna (WA5VLB 2 – 11 G LPY). This is the same antenna others have used on dish ATV system. However I don't use a dish as with it only being a beacon it is not needed to transmit over particularly long distances – although it works at a distance of 10 miles and probably much further.

These log periodic printed circuit board antennas cover 2100 to 11000 MHz and are a perfect fit for 5.6GHz ATV, and cost around £5.00. A small length of microwave coax needs to be soldered the full length of the antenna, which is a job for a steady hand!

AV phono sockets were added to allow a video and/or audio source. A 12v black and white camera was attached to the front of the beacon so a there is always a source, but any video/audio source can be used so that call sign or test cards can be transmitted.

The unit is lightweight and ideal for testing purposes.  I have my contact details printed on the back in case it is every found if left at the oppose side of a field when out testing !

Building ATV beacon for testing purposes

Building ATV beacon to assist with testing

Completed ATV beacon

Completed beacon unit

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