5.6GHz atV - test card & call sign

5.6ghz test card & call sign display

A test card was created as a JPG file and a way of feeding this JPG file into the transmitter is needed.

There are various options including using a Raspberry Pi, but I opted for the easiest way by using a Media Card Reader which I had in a drawer doing nothing.

The reader in question is a 'Sandisk Photo Album & 8 in 1 Card Reader With Remote SDV2-C-E30' and takes media cards of various formats (SD, smart media, XD picture card etc) and also has a USB port.

Importantly there is an AV / composite output which can be fed into the TX unit allowing for the transmission of the JPG file.

And as a way of complying with licence conditions, a call sign caption JPG file was created that can be transmitted at least every 15 minutes.

The Media Card Reader requires 5v and is powered by the 5v supply from the power distribution unit. As the TX unit requires 2 AV inputs (one for camera and one for Media Card Reader) an AV switch was built into the power distribution unit so that the video (and audio if required) sources can be switched in easily. A simple flick of a switch swaps the source from camera to test card / call sign as required.

5.6GHZ ATV test cards

M0KPW ATV testcards

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