5.6GHz atV - receiver

5.6ghz receiver unit

Similar to the TX units, the RX units were ordered via eBay at a cost of around £10 each and were delivered from China within 10 days (the second batch again taking over 2 months)

The units in question are 32CH 5.8GHz Video/Audio FPV RC832 Wireless Receiver, again intended for FPV drone usage.


  • Video format supported : PAL / NTSC
  • Antenna connection: RP-SMA
  • Power input: 12V
  • Working current: 200mA max
  • Antenna impedance: 50Ω
  • Supplied antenna gain: 2db
  • RX sensitivity -90dBm
  • Video impedance: 75Ω
  • Dimension: 80x 65 x15mm
  • Weight: 85g

Frequency range:

FR1 5865, 5845, 5825, 5805, 5785, 5765, 5745, 5725 MHz
FR2 5733, 5752, 5771, 5790, 5809, 5828, 5847, 5866 MHz
FR3 5707, 5685, 5665, 5645, 5885, 5905, 5925, 5945 MHz
FR4 5740, 5760, 5780, 5800, 5820, 5840, 5860, 5880 MHz

There was very little to do with these units, set to channel 33 (which sets the receiver to 5665MHz) and use a reverse polarity SMA Male to N Type Male adaptor to allow it to be connected directly to the antenna.

The antenna for the RX station is a TL-ANT5823B 5GHz 23dBi outdoor panel antenna, which is described in more detail here.

The monitor is something else I had in the shack, it's a 7 inch monitor intended for use in a car for viewing a reversing camera. Works with both PAL and NTSC it have 2 video inputs, but the downside is no audio – hence the use of portable speakers. There are adjustment for brightness, colour and contrast plus format settings for 4:3 or 16:9 sources.  This monitor has no audio, so the audio output of the RX unit is fed into a set of portable speakers.  It's allvery light weight so helps keep the overall weight of the station down, and it was easy to attached to the tripod arm with a couple of bolts and wing nuts.

5.6GHZ FPV RX Unit

5.6GHZ FPV RX Unit

5.6GHZ ATV monitor

Receiving monitor

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