5.6GHz atV - 12v distribution

5.6ghz 12v distribution unit

TX unit and camera, RX unit and monitor all require power (conveniently 12v for all) so I decided to build a 12v distribution unit. Nothing fancy, just 12v in (with a fuse – just in case!) with multiple 12v out to supply all units.

A plastic project case from Maplin measuring 114.5mm x 184.5mm x 62.5mm was perfect for the job. And it would also allow room for some AV switching sockets and a 12v to 5v converter (which is used to power the 5v media card reader for displaying a test card)

Power is supplied from a lead from a 12v 26Ah battery which is connected to piece of choc block / terminal blocks. This is then fed to multiple 2.1mm DC sockets. 2 sockets are required for the RX side of things (RX unit and monitor) and 2 sockets are required for the TX side (TX unit and camera), both have switches which effectively switch on the RX or TX as required. An additional 2.1mm socket – not controlled by a switch - is added for an aux 12v supply should it be needed.

On the TX side of the case a 3 amp 12v DC to 5v DC Converter Regulator is added, which is switched, and is used to power the media card reader (more on that below)

Specification :

  • Input voltage: 12V (22V MAX)
  • Output voltage: 5V
  • Output current: 3A (MAX)
  • Max power consumption: 15W
  • Converter Size: 6.50 x 2.70 x 1.40cm

Construction on the 12v distribution unit is very straight forwarded, and no major expertise is needed – just basic soldering and drilling of a few holes in the plastic project case. An LED is added to the TX switch so the users knows the system is in transmit, and it's also a good indicator that the unit is receiving power.

A 5 amp fuse it added to the main 12v in supply in case of any problems.

Although not difficult, the distribution unit was the most time consuming aspect of the project and went through 2 variations – with a more basic one created to start with, before building an 'improved version 2' which featured the 5v regulator (previously it was just an extra lead to carry around) and the addition of the AV switch which cut down on the need to swap leads over during a contact.

As all the various aspects all draw a low current, a 26Ah battery is plenty to run the station for a lengthy period of time.

5.6GHZ ATV 12v power distribution unit

Building 12v power distribution unit

5.6GHZ ATV 12v power distribution unit

Receiving monitor

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